WordPress Plugins That Every Blogger Should Use

These days millions of people own blogs and website. Blogging platforms, plugins and tools available online for free are making it very easy for people to break into the blogging field. If you are using WordPress platform for your blog then there are numerous plugins available that you must choose from. Although some people use WordPress without any plugins that is a huge mistake for anyone considering making money and succeeding in this niche. The competition in the world of blogging is stiff; getting the right plugins for your blog will help you make your website unique and effective. There are numerous plugins some which help in bookmarking, content sharing, commenting, anti-spam, search engine optimization, image optimization, caching and so on. This article guides you through some of the WordPress plugins that your blog should have.

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This is one is the important WordPress plugins that is automatically installed with the WordPress but requires activation. The main purpose of this plugin is to keep of spam comments; if you fail to activate this plugin you will eventually have a lot of spam comments on your blog. It greatly helps in catching comments as well as tracking back spam.

W3 Total Cache

You need this plugin for quality website performance, both the search engines as well as your blog visitors will be concerned about how fast your website is. If your website pages take very long to load you will lose much search engine traffic as well as readers. This plugin helps reduce the load time by as much as 50 percent which is something that every blogger would want to do. This plugin will help keep your blog running as well as available to your readers and the search engine traffic instead of crashing if the traffic increases.

Google XML Sitemaps

As a blogger you want the search engines to know immediately when you post more content on your blog so that you can generate more traffic. The Google XML Sitemaps helps in automatically generating an renewed sitemap and submits it to the major search engines without your effort. Other than relying on the search engines to look for new content on your blog you should use this plugin to instantly let them know any time you post new content.

GravityForms or cForms

Once your blog is on and running your readers need a fast and easy way of contacting you whether to seek clarification or to advertise. These plugins helps you to easily develop a good looking contact form on your website. Rather than using your email which may be compromised by spams, cForms or GravityForms assist in the communication with your readers.


This plugin is very important for any blogger who want readers who are interested in his or topic to stay on the site longer. This plugin automatically displays the closely related articles from your site and the end of each article. This allows your readers to browse through the content of their interest easily without having to look for it elsewhere. There are other numerous WordPress plugins available that could transform your blog very easily.