Why You Should Invest in Original Photos

There are many reasons that you should look at investing in original photos for your website as opposed to stock photos. While professional stock photos are still high quality and certainly won’t hurt you in any way, original photos have several advantages. The first is building trust. Since you’re handling your own pictures, you know they aren’t going to show up elsewhere on a dozen different sites online. This brings a level of authority and trust that can’t be undermined because a photo on a paid stock site suddenly becomes extremely popular.

A second advantage of using original photos is that you then have the ability to use them across a wide range of media platforms including Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook, and more. You can use your photos on social media 2.0 websites like HubPages and InfoBarrel. This allows you to get original links to your website that are positive for SEO while letting you control the look, feel, and style of your brand.

Finally, you may find in addition to better results you also save money over the long run. Taking care of your own photos doesn’t mean you have to pay a professional full time. Getting a variety of pictures from amateur photographers or even handling it yourself can mean that instead of buying 1,000 pictures a year or so, maybe you only need 100. That’s a great expense saver over time, and you might be surprised just how much better the results are by being able to provide your own photographic media instead of relying on someone else.