Tips for Finding a Suitable Dedicated Web Server

Selection of a reliable, trustworthy and affordable web hosting company is the first thing that you need to do while setting up a new website. Even a blog needs a decent wordpress web hosting solution. Billions of eyes across the world will be gazing at your website and if it is present on a server that goes down frequently then you can end up losing precious clientele. This can eventually hurt your profitability. Therefore you need to do your research on the company that is hosting your website in order to garner peace of mind. If you are planning on moving over to a dedicated server for your website, there are some key points that you must keep in mind.

– Today, there are many ways to present information on the Internet than merely through words. There are various types of media files that are used to help capture a costumer’s attention. Therefore, you will need a server that has enough bandwidth to help run all sorts of scripts and media. Dedicated hosting companies either have a T1 connection, OC (Optical Carrier) connection, or DS (Digital Signal) connection that web masters can mull over. Of course, these different connections vary in prices, so you need to choose the one which fits best into your budget.

– Another option that you can consider is actually having your server within the company premises. This can be a rather large expense and can also be time consuming. You have to really know what kind of connection you want and how to deploy it properly before fully diving into this possibility. Naturally, all this depends on how successful your website is and how much revenue you rake in annually. If you happen to have a rather successful website, then maybe it’s time to take the initiative and build your own server.

– If you think that you can’t build your own server and should choose a third party dedicated web hosting then it is wise to do some backtracking and testing on how reliable the customer service is with your web hosting provider. Some people tend to blindly invest in a host and don’t try to find out how good or bad the customer service is until it’s too late. Some hosting providers have emails, physical addresses and phone numbers that you can use to your advantage. One trick you can do is call the customer service during business hours and see if a live person actually answers the phone. If you are put on hold, then that is generally not a good sign. Gauge the reliability of the customer service by seeing how fast you end up talking to a live person.

– Always check out the security that your dedicated host has. There are now more ways than ever for someone to hack into your website and ruin it. The host should have an extremely effective firewall in order to keep potential threats at bay. If you have any doubts, you can always email or call customer support to obtain more details about their security.

Building your own website is a great way to make a living or to construct an alternative source of income. However, there are many pits that you can fall in if you are not armed with the proper knowledge of what to look for. If you willing enough to make a living online then everything will fall into place. Just take this journey step-by-step and hope for the best.