Online Marketing For Beginners

Once you have decided to promote your business online, the first step would be to develop a website or a page where you can advertise your business. For this the design of the website is of utmost importance. Here we have discussed a few ways which will help you generate more traffic on your webpage.
Use of Meta keywords tags

1. Use of Meta keywords tags

Mostly while doing SEO, people are ignorant of using Meta keywords tags. The usage of these meta keywords allow extra text to be used by search engines for indexing in combination with the rest of your content. These keywords usually lay emphasis on a given phrase or word used in the text body and hence results in more traffic on your page.

2. Adjusting the tags content

The newcomers in the field of internet marketing mostly do not know the importance of keyword usage. In this process the most popular keywords are placed on the content title, meta keywords tags and meta-description. Most people ignore the fact that they ought to make sure that their webpage uses meta-description, meta keywords tags and title tags. Your primary keywords should be arranged properly.

3. Doing a Google Analytics Test

Another technique that is commonly ignored is Google Analytics Test. You should test whether your website is in connection with Google analytics. To pass the test, create an account with them and then put a javascript tracking code so that you can ensure that your page is connected to the most commonly used search engine. This will again help you in generating more traffic which is your most important goal.

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Why You Should Invest in Original Photos

There are many reasons that you should look at investing in original photos for your website as opposed to stock photos. While professional stock photos are still high quality and certainly won’t hurt you in any way, original photos have several advantages. The first is building trust. Since you’re handling your own pictures, you know they aren’t going to show up elsewhere on a dozen different sites online. This brings a level of authority and trust that can’t be undermined because a photo on a paid stock site suddenly becomes extremely popular.

A second advantage of using original photos is that you then have the ability to use them across a wide range of media platforms including Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook, and more. You can use your photos on social media 2.0 websites like HubPages and InfoBarrel. This allows you to get original links to your website that are positive for SEO while letting you control the look, feel, and style of your brand.

Finally, you may find in addition to better results you also save money over the long run. Taking care of your own photos doesn’t mean you have to pay a professional full time. Getting a variety of pictures from amateur photographers or even handling it yourself can mean that instead of buying 1,000 pictures a year or so, maybe you only need 100. That’s a great expense saver over time, and you might be surprised just how much better the results are by being able to provide your own photographic media instead of relying on someone else.

The Impact of Responsive Design On SEO

Thanks to cell phones, people have all of the knowledge and entertainment in the world right at their fingertips. We can carry our cell phones with us almost everywhere and put them almost anywhere. They are an incredibly convenient way of keeping the world in your pocket, and most people are all about convenience. Anything you could ever possibly want to know is just a Google Search away. With a cell phone in hand, you can have a Google Search complete in the time it takes to pull out your phone and press a button. So, with the entire world in the pockets of the majority of the population, how do you make sure your part is it is showing up?

Google’s mobile algorithm recently underwent a rather big update. With this recent update, came a complete change in the way search results are presented whilst on a mobile device. Beforehand, the results of Google Searches were close to identical regardless of whether the person was using a cell phone or a laptop. However, this is no longer the case. Following the update, mobile-unfriendly websites and links are now being bumped from the search results. Most people are ecstatic because of this recent change. Constant zooming, swiping, and squinting have become a thing of the past whilst using the internet on cell phones. This can mean bad news for websites that haven’t updated to mobile-friendly though. If these websites don’t update soon, there’s a good chance their traffic will dwindle to none. So, the best thing you can do for your website today? Update it to mobile-friendly.