The Impact of Responsive Design On SEO

Thanks to cell phones, people have all of the knowledge and entertainment in the world right at their fingertips. We can carry our cell phones with us almost everywhere and put them almost anywhere. They are an incredibly convenient way of keeping the world in your pocket, and most people are all about convenience. Anything you could ever possibly want to know is just a Google Search away. With a cell phone in hand, you can have a Google Search complete in the time it takes to pull out your phone and press a button. So, with the entire world in the pockets of the majority of the population, how do you make sure your part is it is showing up?

Google’s mobile algorithm recently underwent a rather big update. With this recent update, came a complete change in the way search results are presented whilst on a mobile device. Beforehand, the results of Google Searches were close to identical regardless of whether the person was using a cell phone or a laptop. However, this is no longer the case. Following the update, mobile-unfriendly websites and links are now being bumped from the search results. Most people are ecstatic because of this recent change. Constant zooming, swiping, and squinting have become a thing of the past whilst using the internet on cell phones. This can mean bad news for websites that haven’t updated to mobile-friendly though. If these websites don’t update soon, there’s a good chance their traffic will dwindle to none. So, the best thing you can do for your website today? Update it to mobile-friendly.