Using Videos As a Marketing Tool

These days it is quite difficult to promote a product or service on the internet. Traditional marketing techniques like article submission, social bookmarking and SEO are losing their value and competition is on the rise. However, some strategies still work very well. Video marketing is one of them.

If you have a product to sell then you should start your own You Tube channel and create accounts on other popular video sharing sites. By submitting your content to these sites, you can reach a very large group of people. But make sure you follow these tips and guidelines:

– You videos should be actually valuable for the target audience otherwise no one will ever watch them and your website won’t get any considerable traffic. It is a good idea to create tutorials.

While creating videos many marketers keep talking about their products which can be quite frustrating for the viewers. You should only promote yourself at the end of the video. Also, you can leave your site’s url in the description but anything beyond that might do more harm than good.

– Never create a video without doing some keyword research first. There are plenty of tools that can be used for these purpose. Personally I prefer You Tube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool. It tells you about the search volume of a particular keyword phrase in the You Tube search engine.

– To drive traffic to your videos you should use social media sites. If your content is really interesting it might go viral, sending hundreds of thousands of visitors your way.

Using video marketing one can easily drive traffic to his or her website. If you follow the guidelines given in the above paragraphs, you can start a successful marketing campaign within hours.