Online Marketing For Beginners

Once you have decided to promote your business online, the first step would be to develop a website or a page where you can advertise your business. For this the design of the website is of utmost importance. Here we have discussed a few ways which will help you generate more traffic on your webpage.
Use of Meta keywords tags

1. Use of Meta keywords tags

Mostly while doing SEO, people are ignorant of using Meta keywords tags. The usage of these meta keywords allow extra text to be used by search engines for indexing in combination with the rest of your content. These keywords usually lay emphasis on a given phrase or word used in the text body and hence results in more traffic on your page.

2. Adjusting the tags content

The newcomers in the field of internet marketing mostly do not know the importance of keyword usage. In this process the most popular keywords are placed on the content title, meta keywords tags and meta-description. Most people ignore the fact that they ought to make sure that their webpage uses meta-description, meta keywords tags and title tags. Your primary keywords should be arranged properly.

3. Doing a Google Analytics Test

Another technique that is commonly ignored is Google Analytics Test. You should test whether your website is in connection with Google analytics. To pass the test, create an account with them and then put a javascript tracking code so that you can ensure that your page is connected to the most commonly used search engine. This will again help you in generating more traffic which is your most important goal.

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Why Choose a WordPress Theme Compatible With All Browsers

There never has been and most likely never will be a universal browser used by everybody whilst surfing the web. Most people love to have the ability to choose from a pool of many things. Nobody enjoys being forced into using one thing because it’s the only thing available or the only thing that works. Nobody wants to be forced into using one browser over another. This is why there are options. There are a handful of different browsers that people are able to freely choose between, and this makes the people very happy. This freedom of choice is rarely seen as an issue by most people. However, this can end up being a rather large issue for website creators who fail to choose a WordPress theme that is best viewed in all of the major browsers. Some people are incredibly loyal to the browser that they use, and if your website isn’t easily viewable on it, they aren’t going to make the effort to change browsers and view it elsewhere.

If you’ve decided on a WordPress theme that only allows for optimal viewing in one or two different browsers, then you’ve made a horrible choice. With an almost infinite supply of WordPress themes that DO allow for cross-browser compatibility, choosing one that isn’t is just absolute nonsense. All this is going to do is lose you page views and fans. If everybody can’t easily enjoy your website, the fans you may have gained will never know what they missed.

Why You Should Invest in Original Photos

There are many reasons that you should look at investing in original photos for your website as opposed to stock photos. While professional stock photos are still high quality and certainly won’t hurt you in any way, original photos have several advantages. The first is building trust. Since you’re handling your own pictures, you know they aren’t going to show up elsewhere on a dozen different sites online. This brings a level of authority and trust that can’t be undermined because a photo on a paid stock site suddenly becomes extremely popular.

A second advantage of using original photos is that you then have the ability to use them across a wide range of media platforms including Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook, and more. You can use your photos on social media 2.0 websites like HubPages and InfoBarrel. This allows you to get original links to your website that are positive for SEO while letting you control the look, feel, and style of your brand.

Finally, you may find in addition to better results you also save money over the long run. Taking care of your own photos doesn’t mean you have to pay a professional full time. Getting a variety of pictures from amateur photographers or even handling it yourself can mean that instead of buying 1,000 pictures a year or so, maybe you only need 100. That’s a great expense saver over time, and you might be surprised just how much better the results are by being able to provide your own photographic media instead of relying on someone else.

The Impact of Responsive Design On SEO

Thanks to cell phones, people have all of the knowledge and entertainment in the world right at their fingertips. We can carry our cell phones with us almost everywhere and put them almost anywhere. They are an incredibly convenient way of keeping the world in your pocket, and most people are all about convenience. Anything you could ever possibly want to know is just a Google Search away. With a cell phone in hand, you can have a Google Search complete in the time it takes to pull out your phone and press a button. So, with the entire world in the pockets of the majority of the population, how do you make sure your part is it is showing up?

Google’s mobile algorithm recently underwent a rather big update. With this recent update, came a complete change in the way search results are presented whilst on a mobile device. Beforehand, the results of Google Searches were close to identical regardless of whether the person was using a cell phone or a laptop. However, this is no longer the case. Following the update, mobile-unfriendly websites and links are now being bumped from the search results. Most people are ecstatic because of this recent change. Constant zooming, swiping, and squinting have become a thing of the past whilst using the internet on cell phones. This can mean bad news for websites that haven’t updated to mobile-friendly though. If these websites don’t update soon, there’s a good chance their traffic will dwindle to none. So, the best thing you can do for your website today? Update it to mobile-friendly.

Improve Your WordPress Site’s Performance Through Database Optimization

Slow page load speeds can be disastrous for your search engine rankings and your brand’s image. Researches conducted in recent years have revealed some very shocking stats: if a website takes more than 4 seconds to load, it will lose about 1/4 of potential visitors. If you’d like your website to be financially rewarding then it is important that you optimize it in every way.

WordPress is one of the best platforms for rapid web development. Even if you have no programming knowledge, you’ll be able to fully customize the overall look and feeling of your website. However, this customizability sometimes comes at the price of slow loading speed. Thankfully there are many strategies to boost the performance of WP sites. The one we will be concentrating on here is database clean up.

As you might know, WordPress stores all its information in a MySQL database. In addition to important information like live posts, categories and user data, a lot of unneeded stuff is also saved. This includes post revisions, auto drafts, elements of the object cache, spam comments and trashed items. Moreover, some plugins also create their own tables in the database; and since some plugin developers are inexperienced or lazy these tables stay in the database even after the plugin is deleted. All this junk ends up affecting your website’s performance. Dropping the extraneous tables and rows is a surefire way of making your website fast.

In the following paragraphs we’ve discussed the most popular database optimization methods. Please note that these strategies are only applicable to self-hosted WordPress websites.

1. Using plug-ins

The best thing about WordPress is that it comes with thousands of amazing plugins. If you want to clean up your database quickly and effortlessly then you should install an optimization plugin on your site. Finding one shouldn’t be a problem. Just perform a quick search in Google or WordPress’ own search engine.

2. Making use of PHPMyAdmin

If your website is hosted on a server powered by cPanel then you can view and alter your website’s database directly by using the the phpMyAdmin software. Loaded with features, it is regarded as the most sophisticated database software for MySQL databases. You can find it under the database section of your hosting dashboard.

To get started just log into phpMyAdmin, select your database and start deleting the rows that are not necessary for the proper functioning of your website. You can also run queries by clicking on the SQL tab.

3. Utilizing the command line

If you don’t want to browse each table in order to find useless rows and your website is hosted on a dedicated server then you could simply optimize your database through SSH. The command looks something like this:

mysqlcheck -u [username] -p [password] -o [database name]

By following the straightforward tips provided in this article you can speed up your blog considerably.

Setup Your Online Store With WordPress Ecommerce Themes

online-shoppingThe web is growing at a rapid rate and it is vital for any shop owner to expand their horizons to the digital world. By using wordpress premium ecommerce themes, you can significantly reduce the expenditure involved in setting up your online store while enjoying the huge array of features available in WordPress. The content management tool is considered to be the best and most user friendly of all. Millions of online retailers are using it already and the themes are extremely versatile, designed to meet the requirements of every type of store.

Whatever your shop sells, the wide variants of premium wordpress ecommerce themes available will amply meet your needs. The themes provide an elegant online store to sell your products with easy to configure interface, integrated plugins along with the facility to integrate online payment systems, to provide a sophisticated shopping experience to your customers. With the best design and a reliable CMS, you can get your online store up and running in a matter of hours with these WP themes.

WordPress Plugins That Every Blogger Should Use

These days millions of people own blogs and website. Blogging platforms, plugins and tools available online for free are making it very easy for people to break into the blogging field. If you are using WordPress platform for your blog then there are numerous plugins available that you must choose from. Although some people use WordPress without any plugins that is a huge mistake for anyone considering making money and succeeding in this niche. The competition in the world of blogging is stiff; getting the right plugins for your blog will help you make your website unique and effective. There are numerous plugins some which help in bookmarking, content sharing, commenting, anti-spam, search engine optimization, image optimization, caching and so on. This article guides you through some of the WordPress plugins that your blog should have.

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This is one is the important WordPress plugins that is automatically installed with the WordPress but requires activation. The main purpose of this plugin is to keep of spam comments; if you fail to activate this plugin you will eventually have a lot of spam comments on your blog. It greatly helps in catching comments as well as tracking back spam.

W3 Total Cache

You need this plugin for quality website performance, both the search engines as well as your blog visitors will be concerned about how fast your website is. If your website pages take very long to load you will lose much search engine traffic as well as readers. This plugin helps reduce the load time by as much as 50 percent which is something that every blogger would want to do. This plugin will help keep your blog running as well as available to your readers and the search engine traffic instead of crashing if the traffic increases.

Google XML Sitemaps

As a blogger you want the search engines to know immediately when you post more content on your blog so that you can generate more traffic. The Google XML Sitemaps helps in automatically generating an renewed sitemap and submits it to the major search engines without your effort. Other than relying on the search engines to look for new content on your blog you should use this plugin to instantly let them know any time you post new content.

GravityForms or cForms

Once your blog is on and running your readers need a fast and easy way of contacting you whether to seek clarification or to advertise. These plugins helps you to easily develop a good looking contact form on your website. Rather than using your email which may be compromised by spams, cForms or GravityForms assist in the communication with your readers.


This plugin is very important for any blogger who want readers who are interested in his or topic to stay on the site longer. This plugin automatically displays the closely related articles from your site and the end of each article. This allows your readers to browse through the content of their interest easily without having to look for it elsewhere. There are other numerous WordPress plugins available that could transform your blog very easily.

3 Simple and Effective WordPress Optimization Tips

WordPress is the best blog and website platform out there and it millions of companies and online entrepreneurs use it everyday. It has superb functionality that makes it stand out in the online world. But even with its features, website owners still want to optimize this platform to maximize its potential for their business. Here are some WordPress optimization tips that can help you tweak your existing website or educate yourself if you are just about to build one.

Take Advantage of a Good Web Host

Most website problems can be traced back to the web host. While you are using WordPress, a low quality web host can slow down your website and result in more downtime than expected. Be sure to sign up with a good web host to get utmost benefit for your website.

Find the Best Plugins to Use

Plugins are one of the reasons why WordPress is so popular in the online world. Several WP plugins can help you optimize your website make it load faster than ever before. Popular plugins used for WordPress optimization is WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Optimize DB. Super Cache is known for its ability to keep your website running at its best performance, while keeping it secure from potential threats and instability.

Eliminate other Unnecessary Elements in Your Page

Whether you’ll like it or not, unwanted elements can creep within your website and affect its stability. One of these is spam. Spam can affect your page’s performance by loading slowly and even affect your page’s online presence. Be sure to delete these unnecessary elements to optimize your page.

With these WordPress optimization tips, your website will perform well and be readily accessible for your followers. They are simple procedures that are worth your time and can provide more benefits on your website, especially if it is used for business.

Tips for Finding a Suitable Dedicated Web Server

Selection of a reliable, trustworthy and affordable web hosting company is the first thing that you need to do while setting up a new website. Even a blog needs a decent wordpress web hosting solution. Billions of eyes across the world will be gazing at your website and if it is present on a server that goes down frequently then you can end up losing precious clientele. This can eventually hurt your profitability. Therefore you need to do your research on the company that is hosting your website in order to garner peace of mind. If you are planning on moving over to a dedicated server for your website, there are some key points that you must keep in mind.

– Today, there are many ways to present information on the Internet than merely through words. There are various types of media files that are used to help capture a costumer’s attention. Therefore, you will need a server that has enough bandwidth to help run all sorts of scripts and media. Dedicated hosting companies either have a T1 connection, OC (Optical Carrier) connection, or DS (Digital Signal) connection that web masters can mull over. Of course, these different connections vary in prices, so you need to choose the one which fits best into your budget.

– Another option that you can consider is actually having your server within the company premises. This can be a rather large expense and can also be time consuming. You have to really know what kind of connection you want and how to deploy it properly before fully diving into this possibility. Naturally, all this depends on how successful your website is and how much revenue you rake in annually. If you happen to have a rather successful website, then maybe it’s time to take the initiative and build your own server.

– If you think that you can’t build your own server and should choose a third party dedicated web hosting then it is wise to do some backtracking and testing on how reliable the customer service is with your web hosting provider. Some people tend to blindly invest in a host and don’t try to find out how good or bad the customer service is until it’s too late. Some hosting providers have emails, physical addresses and phone numbers that you can use to your advantage. One trick you can do is call the customer service during business hours and see if a live person actually answers the phone. If you are put on hold, then that is generally not a good sign. Gauge the reliability of the customer service by seeing how fast you end up talking to a live person.

– Always check out the security that your dedicated host has. There are now more ways than ever for someone to hack into your website and ruin it. The host should have an extremely effective firewall in order to keep potential threats at bay. If you have any doubts, you can always email or call customer support to obtain more details about their security.

Building your own website is a great way to make a living or to construct an alternative source of income. However, there are many pits that you can fall in if you are not armed with the proper knowledge of what to look for. If you willing enough to make a living online then everything will fall into place. Just take this journey step-by-step and hope for the best.

How to Build a Social Bookmarking Site with WordPress

WordPress is an extremely versatile platform. By adding a few dozen extra lines of code you can transform it into an article directory, news website or community portal. In this post you will find out how to build a feature-rich social bookmarking site with this software. The methods mentioned in the following paragraphs are fairly straightforward and require no coding knowledge whatsoever.

Templatic’s PlusOne Theme

This theme can change any WordPress installation into a functional, user-friendly social bookmarking site. All the necessary code is included within the Theme Functions file which means you don’t need to tweak anything. It comes with a powerful voting system, search engine friendly structure and front-end profile management system. You can look at the demo of this theme on the official Templatic website.

– 30 shortcodes for easy customization

– Installation tutorials

– Built-in ad system for easy monetization

Nominate Theme

Pro Theme Design is one of the most popular WP development companies on the internet. All of their themes are professional-looking and reliable. Nominate is no exception. It is quite similar to PlusOne but the price is a bit higher. The best thing about this theme is the spam control feature. If used properly this feature can protect your website from poor quality content and save tons of your time. You can redefine the moderation rules according to your requirements.

– Automatic thumbnail generation

– Powerful Search Engine Optimization options

These themes can help you create your personal version of Digg without hiring professional web developers or buying expensive software.